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A blog! Warning: I am so not a journaler. blush.gif I have another subject specific journal online and I write in spurts. We’ll see how I do with this. Tresses’ Other Corner? Well, I used to have a website called Tresses’ Little Corner which I deleted earlier this year. Lack of creativity on my part leads to the spiffy title of this new blog. stunned.gifToday was our first day of the school year. banana.gif (Technically, it’s the third, as we took two fieldtrips this summer.) Orientation. No actual lessons. Just introductions, expectations, and organization of new binders. This alone took over 2 hours. Would you believe my DS9 was upset that we didn’t have real lessons? blink.gif He even started yelling, “This isn’t school! You said we were starting school!”omg2.gif

“This is necessary or you won’t know what to do on Monday when we start our actual lessons. School isn’t always filling in workbooks.”

[mouthy whine] “This is stupid; this isn’t school.” [/whine]


“Watch your heart and your mouth, or there’ll be no computer or TV for you this afternoon.”


He settled down. Funny thing is, at the end of our “orientation” he and his sister (DD11) spent half an hour looking through their science and reading texts again just for the fun of it. Heh.


OK, pics of the school room.

From the kitchen door, looking in:
IPB Image

Turning into the room:
IPB Image

Standing in the corner, near the globe:
IPB Image

(Yes, my kitchen is so small that the refrigerator and extra cabinets are in the den. The front of the fridge hasn’t been that clean in over a year. stunned.gif )

The rest of the room, including hubby’s messy computer desk. (My ‘puter is in the livingroom, which, until this moment, never struck me as odd. thinking.gif )

IPB Image

The walls are pretty bare, but that will change as the year progresses. My kids were like, “WHOA, Mom! This room is so clean!”


I don’t know whether to kiss them or smack them when they say stuff like that. laugh.gif

That’s enough for one night, I suppose. Time to click post and see what happens with this blog thingy. twitchsmile.gif