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Got up early and went to Staples for Teacher Appreciation Day today. DS9 came along for the cookies and punch. smile.gif Sitting on a bench, he said to me, “I want to come ::munch:: to Teacher Day ::crunch:: next time, too. ::smacks lips::”


When we arrived, I had to fill out a form for the Teacher Awards card and before the greeter would give me my bag of goodies she asked, “Do you have anything that proves you’re a teacher? Like a paystub or something?”

Well, it just so happens that last night I printed off our new handy-dandy HSLDA membership cards (including student ID cards thumbupface.gif ) and laminated them. So I whipped out my card and said, “I have this.”

“Oh, that’s excellent,” she said after reading it. I couldn’t tell by her tone if she was patronizing me or not. Whatever. I got my stuff. Not much, but something. And DS got those cookies, of course. laugh.gif

Busy day tomorrow, might not even see the ‘puter. Crazier day on Monday: school, DS5’s first session of speech therapy, groceries in the evening. Some women hate to go grocery shopping. It’s 90 minutes of away and alone time for me! biggrin.gif

Time to see what’s new……