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Today’s papers have been corrected. The kitchen sink is shining (I’m an on-again-off-again Flybaby). Tomorrow’s bread is rising in the oven. I have a wicked headache.

DS9, who was so eager to start school last Friday, lost all desire to cooperate as soon as he realized that school means WORK. Saxon Math did him in this morning and set him in a mood for the rest of the day. This I did not need, as we also had to head out to DS5’s first speech therapy appointment this afternoon. It’s over 30 minutes to get there. In fact, I’ll have that trip twice a week for at least the next 3 months, added to DD11’s horseback riding lessons, which are also over 30 minutes away. And we’re also waiting for a therapy slot to open up for DS9. They told me today that they will do what they can to coordinate their appointments so they’re on the same days. That would help a LOT.

Note to anyone with kids who might need speech therapy: if your kids are young and you think nature will take its course, it won’t. (Even if your kids seem to be making progress.) Get early intervention. I wish my pediatrician (whom I love) would have told me that instead of letting me wait. My kids are understandable, but because of their ages they are considered to have moderate and severe speech pronunciation disorders. sad.gif That was a big shock to us. Fortunately, it’s correctable, and they’re still young enough for it not to take too long (but it might be a year for each of them). ::sigh::

Good thing today: all three kids loved making Creation booklets for their first Mystery of History class. smile.gif We broke out the new Prismacolors for those. ooooOOOOoooo. Art and History at once. I love homeschooling! biggrin.gif

Other stuff…I forgot to mention about our trip to Staples, that we found a praying mantis on the wall outside the store. I let it crawl on me, but DS9 wouldn’t go for it. (Surprising, considering what other creepy crawly things he picks up in the yard. bonk.gif ) Then it flew away. Cool. cool.gif

Gotta go check on the bread.