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DD11’s science activity for today was to design and build a structure out of fettucine and marshmallows that could withstand an “earthquake.” She had to decide how long the earthquake would last (20 shakes); the magnitude (2″ in each direction); the direction it would shake (side to side); and what kind of seismic waves the shaking would demonstrate (L waves).Her hyposthesis was that that her structure would withstand such an earthquake.

And it did! smile.gif

Here it is:

IPB Image

(I took that before the earthquake; it was already tilting a little. wink.gif )

DS9 was her assistant; he and DS5 happily ate some of the construction when the earthquake was over. laugh.gif

That left me with nearly a pound of fettucine in the box…which we had with meatballs for dinner. essen.gif