(Originally posted at the DY Homeschool Forum.  Original comments left there.) 

1. Schedules are our friends. I’ve known this for years, but resisted them. I want to be laid back; what’s wrong with school in PJs? So we sleep in and don’t get started sometimes until 10am? Recess went too long? Lunch too? Oh, we can finish later…So much work doesn’t get done this way! Being laid back is just too stressful for me.Since we’ve started I’ve gotten up between 6:15 and 6:30am (I am so not a morning person joe.gif ) in order to have myself showered, dressed and fed by the time my kids get up at 7:30 (early for two of them, too). I’ve made them get dressed before coming downstairs; brush their teeth and make their beds after breakfast; and be at their desks at 8:30am ready to start. It’s working so well that I’m going to move up school time to 8:15. Kitchen timers time their class lengths, recess, and lunch breaks.

I need to remember this when, in midwinter, I won’t want to move at all. Schedules keep the peace. yes.gif

Of course, this won’t stop me from declaring an occasional “School in Pajamas Day,” but I hope those are planned. twitchsmile.gif

2. Intelligence, perfectionism, and hormones are a volatile mix. Pray for your daughter, Tresses. pray.gif

3. Never eat Jello with whipped cream while correcting papers. ‘Nuff said. whistling.gif