(Originally posted at the DY Homeschool Forum.  Original comments left there.) 

Two days ago my DSsoontobe6 read his first word! banana.gif Now, DS has learned a few words by sight over the years, but this was his first phonetic reading: it. smile.gif He was so cute. He read, “it,” thought for a moment and exclaimed, “That’s like in the word ITaly!” He beamed with pride and added, “That’s a country!” yes.gifclap.gif

DS was a late talker (all of mine were, but he was the latest, at almost 3), and still has trouble with some letter recognition. T is one of his problem letters, so we were both very excited. smile.gif

Later we were talking about it again (and he told me again about Italy laugh.gif ), and I asked him if he could think of any words that rhyme with “it.” So he started with some real, some made up words…bit…hit…sit…you see where this is going, don’t you? He started speech therapy last week, and the sound he is working on right now is /sh/. He was bound to try it with “it.” He got to sh…and I said, “Well, that’s a word we don’t use. Can you think of another?” and he was on to other words, some real, some made up.

We’ll see if he remembers it tomorrow.

Tomorrow…getting together for a picnic with a couple of HS families we met during swim lessons in early August. Looking forward to that. yes.gif Trying to decide if I’m going to make tomorrow a half day, or make the kids do all of their subjects before and after the picnic. What a task master! IPB Image Heh. It will depend entirely on what I’m in the mood for when we get back. whistling.gif