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Youngest DS turned 6 last Sunday. banana.gif He wanted a NASCAR cake, so I got adventurous and came up with my own. I’ve never made a novelty cake, but this was much easier than I thought it would be:

IPB Image

DS6 loves NASCAR (has been obsessed for at least 3 years), and has quite a few NASCAR HotWheels, but we’ve held off on giving him a Jeff Gordon because Jeff is DS9’s favorite driver. DS9 said it would be ok if his little brother could have a 24 car this year, so I made it part of his cake. smile.gif

BTW, that checkered flag was made from graph paper I printed from the DY site. biggrin.gif

Speaking of NASCAR, I stopped at Lowe’s this afternoon on my way home from exchanging a birthday Larry Boy (for another that worked) and found a Jimmie Johnson car in the parking lot! I called home (my MIL was watching the kids) and told them to be ready in fifteen minutes. I got home and took the DC back to Lowe’s for pics with the 48 car. smile.gif DS6 thought that was the coolest. We all did, really. (We’re all NASCAR fans. yes.gif ) The lady running the “display” gave the boys new 48 cars (1:64) and they also each got a lugnut that was on either Jeff Gordon’s or Jimmie Johnson’s car from a race. (The pit crews save the lugnuts from the pit stops and toss them into a big barrel back at the shop.) DD11 got a Team Lowe’s Racing T-shirt. They took a pic of the four of us in front of the car and it will be available to me online next week, but I brought my own camera to grap a few pics myself. When I paint the boys’ room, we’ll be decorating in NASCAR and baseball, so I was hoping for a good pic of DS6 with the car. I got this:

IPB Image

And this one cracks me up:

IPB Image

laugh.gif That was actually a video game they had set up with a driver’s door on the side.

I think it’s time for me to dust off an old pic I made for a siggy on another board:

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