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Blog. Short for “web log.” In other words, an online journal. A journal.

I stink at journaling. Perhaps that’s obvious by now?

I just deleted the draft entry I started on Dec. 10, too. Seemed kind of pointless to post in detail today things that happened over a month ago.


I keep trying to get on top of my scheduling and correcting, but we’ve been flying by the seat of our pants since my mother’s…adventures…in October. I never really got back into the swing of things. Thought I would get it all under control over winter break, but didn’t. blush.gif I was looking at Donna’s Young Minds CD again today, though, and feeling inspired. I discovered the pdf planner you can type in and I think I will give that a shot this weekend to plan for next week.

Kids are doing well. DS6 ended his speech therapy on Dec. 28th. This is amazing, because his original projected plan of treatment was for a year. He still has trouble with /r/, but his brain just isn’t wired for that yet. If he still can’t do it next fall, I’ll take him for another evaluation. Otherwise, he’s done great. smile.gif He’s learning to read, too, which just tickles both of us! clap.gif

DS9 will be 10 at the end of the month, and is still in speech therapy, doing well. School, as always, has it’s battles, but all in all is ok. Seriously behind in English, though. Had to repeat almost an entire chapter on possessives and plural possessives. ::sigh:: But his SS school teacher (a good friend who has known him since birth) and his speech therapist are both very impressed with his reading ability. And to think, last year I thought we might be repeating third grade! I’m very proud of him. smile.gif

DD11, is an adolescent girl. Hormones. whistling.gif She’s doing very well, actually, even if she “HATES MATH AND SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Reading and writing are more her thing. She’s into writing poetry now, which is very cool. She’s been writing prose and scripts for a few years. Always writing something. smile.gif

The house. Old house. Just had the vent stack replaced from the second floor through the roof today. KaCHING. I have no idea how our toilet was managing to flush at all, considering the vent was completely and solidly clogged. omg2.gif

Flylady…well, I can always dream. rolleyes.gif Of course, she’d yell at me and tell me that nothing’s going to change unless I start doing. 15 minutes, right? Why does it hurt to do something I don’t want to do for just 15 minutes? Actually, it’s not the 15 minutes that hurts, it’s the starting that hurts.

Mom is doing well…I think. Not sure. Anyway, Thanksgiving had a few tense moments with her here, but Christmas was much better. That’s a start. Her personal care home was sold and she’s been complaining about the change-over. I can’t take anything she says at face value, though. bonk.gif I need to get over there to see her again soon.

That’s about it for now.

Will try to update more often. rolleyes.gif