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My head feels like bonk.gif . I finished the five day antibiotics on Wednesday, and the label says the patient may continue to feel better for several days after. Maybe if it actually worked I might! I spent the day on the couch and pretty much did nothing but read and doze. DD11 and DD10 got the “important” stuff done today, but DS6 had the day off. Hubby suggested Chinese for dinner before he knew how bad I felt, but I decided that sounded better than cleaning the kitchen so I could cook. rolleyes.gif So out to the restaurant we went. Hot and spicy garlic chicken. smile.gif And then to Walmart to return a space heater that was too loud. The store was too loud. My head was bonk.gif bonk.gif by the time we left.

I probably should have called the doctor today, but it was snowing like mad and I just didn’t feel like moving. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Maybe I can wait until Monday. I don’t want another Rx over the phone; I want to see a doctor. This is the second sinus infection I’ve had since mid December, and I have a feeling I never got over that one, either. I very rarely take antibiotics; I’m not too thrilled at the thought of taking three courses in less than two months.

DRAT. Another week without an intentional art or music lesson.

Not much else new.