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::sigh:: My youngest, DS6, lost his first tooth today! The last “first lost tooth” in our family! I was almost weepy. blush.gif We don’t do the tooth fairy, but we do play a little game with lost teeth. The tooth is placed on the dresser in a little treasure chest. ( I couldn’t find our little treasure chest tonight, so DS chose his Make-It and Bake-It bowl.) The kids go to bed, and some time later I go try to exchange the tooth for a quarter. If the child catches me, he gets a dollar instead. The first tooth, I always let them catch me. wink.gif Tonight, DS almost didn’t catch me! I was afraid I was going to have to make some noise, as I was just about to exchange the tooth, but he finally turned over and said, “Hi, Mom.” biggrin.gif He and DS10 (they share the room) got super giddy and jumped out of bed laughing. A good time was had by all. yes.gif

I should be correcting papers….. whistling.gif Gotta go!