Welcome to the New (but not improved) Tresses’ Other Corner.  😀  There are still books to be unpacked, and I may still repaint the walls (again!), but for now I think I’m able to open the place and offer you a mug of hot coffee and some dark chocolate. 

Are you new to my corner?  Imagine that, so am I!  You may notice that all of the posts dated before today were originally posted at the DY Homeschool Forum, which is, sadly, coming to a close very soon.   My many many thanks to Donna Young for providing such a safe and friendly environment for homeschool moms.  The moms there are wonderful too. 😀 So we’re scrambling to find new homes, and many have found them here.  I’ll do what I can to keep up and not bore you or me to tears.   There is a link to one of our new group homes in my Blogroll.  Group homes!  Makes us sound like a bunch of renegade moms.

Oh wait.  We homeschool.  We are a bunch of renegade moms!

Off to tinker around a bit more.  Perhaps by Christmas I’ll have WordPress figured out. 😛