You know how you go through your day thinking, “This would be good to write about,” or “I need to remember to blog that…?”  All day yesterday I was planning on sitting down at the computer after the kids were in bed and posting about Hallmark holidays and true love, silly heart cakes, and snow. 

All that changed when the phone rang at 8:30pm.  While I was putting my 3 children to bed, friends of mine were losing one of theirs.  Most of you know what happened because you’ve been following on the DY forum, and praying through, the battle against leukemia of a little girl named Danielle.  She lost that battle last night. 

And even though Danielle is with our Savior now, with a healthy body that feels no pain, Hallmark holidays, silly heart cakes, and snow don’t seem so important now.

Please pray for Danielle’s family.