It’s good to have a day that offers obvious reasons to smile.  I needed one of those today, and was blessed.  First, the simple blessing: my bread rose beautifully today.  My last few loaves (of 100% whole wheat bread) had not been rising well at all.  Odd, as I’ve been making bread for a couple of years now and, for the most part, get consistent results.  I’d been playing with the recipe, but not really paying attention or keeping track of what I was doing.  (DOH!….erm, maybe that should be DOUGH! 😉 ) I finally figured out to add more water and change the way I hydrate my flour before making the dough and viola!  Big, happy bread.  thumbsup.gif

The next blessing was better by far.  My DS6 has been writing “[DS6] Loves Mom” on his DoodlePro for over a month telling me that it was a movie he was making.  Yesterday he wrote on our school whiteboard “[DS6] Loves Mom Opened.”  I asked him what that meant, and he informed me that his movie opened and is now in theatres.  icon_lol.gif

During recess today, DS10 helped DS6 make paperplate puppets with popsicle sticks.  At lunch, they went up to their bedroom and brought down to the livingroom their various toy containers to build a “puppet wall.”  They also added a few other game boxes stacked on each other.  They wrote me a ticket to “[DS6] Loves Mom” and gave it to me so I could get in to see the show.  DS6 accepted my ticket and directed me to my seat (the sofa) and the show began.  It was adorable (I took DS6 for ice cream) and silly (we were all giggling), and even had a bad guy (the ice cream store owner who told us there wasn’t enough ice cream and was closing the shop).  Oh, I laughed!  A play in 5 acts.  It was wonderful. 

I got a picture of their curtain call:

The Puppet Show (Click pic to enlarge.)

And miracle of miracles, they even took all of their boxes back up to their room!  icon_eek.gif  I heard them talking before dinner.  They’re working on another show.  smile.gif

I’m so glad I homeschool.  sweetheart.gif