500 hits as of today!woohoo

I have no idea what you’re all coming to see, ’cause I don’t write much, but thanks! 😀

I guess I’ve got a bit to write tonight. 

I took the kids to a teachers’ supply store the other day for litmus paper and “stuff.”  We left with litmus paper, “stuff,” and 3 puppets.  They were having so much fun with each other I couldn’t resist.  I told them I’d get them the puppets, but I expect a play by the end of the week.  They started working on it right there in the store.  DS6 has a dinosaur, DS10 has a police officer, and DDcountingdownthedaysto12 chose a cheerleader.  She’s really not the cheerleader type, but it was the only girl puppet she liked. 

So, from what I overheard, the story will include the dinosaur attacking a city, and the police officer coming to the rescue.  I told DD one of her lines could be, “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” icon_lol.gif   She cracked up.  (I’m into Heroes – yes, I am a geek, thankyouverymuch – but I don’t let the kids watch it; she’s seen the ads.)

Today, they continued work on it.  They’ll be using the boys’ toy dinosaurs as extras.  icon_lol.gif 

Speaking of toy dinosaurs…I just heard on the news yesterday that Pixar is going to make ToyStory3.  YAY!!!  I love Pixar films. 

Biggest challenge for tomorrow: getting DDnotamorningpersoncountingdownthedaysto12 out of bed by 7:45.  Since we switched to DST she has been crawling out of bed (after much vocalizing on my part) at 8:30 or later, which is really messing up our school day.  It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t wake up miserable and stay that way for several hours.  I already warned her she will be up on time tomorrow even if I have to pull her out of bed!

I should talk.  I ought to find a way to disable my snooze alarm.  It might help if I managed to get to bed at a decent hour. 

I think I will do just that.  Good night! sleep1.gif