Today is the 12th anniversary of a most delightful occasion: my DD made her way into the world, and life has never been the same. icon_biggrin.gif   Today was fairly uneventful, as far as birthdays go.  We had a girls’ night out on Friday with her best friend and her mom (also a good friend of mine), at Olive Garden, followed by shopping at Barnes and Noble.  Give DD a book and she’s a happy girl; give her several, and she’s downright giddy.  So today we had our typical day.  Well, except that DD got the day off of school.  Happy Birthday, Magpie! icon_biggrin.gif

Her birthday dinner consisted of ham, angel hair pasta in herb sauce, green beans, and salad.  She chose apple pie instead of cake.  YUM! icon_biggrin.gif  So, this morning I baked pie.  (Are you there, Applie?Groucho )  Hubby and I were happy with this decision, but the boys were not.  They got leftover brownies that I made yesterday for DD to take to youth group.  Dark, dark chocolate brownies with 60% cocoa Ghirardelli chocolate chips.  Diet?  What diet? 

Ah yes.  Diet.  Given a strong family history of diabetes, and my own dx of pre-diabetes years ago, and having packed on the pounds in recent years, and feeling like crapola, I’ve put myself on an diabetic exchange diet.  Started last week.  Doing pretty well.  Feeling better.  Except that yesterday I made those brownies (hey, one brownie won’t kill me, and dark chocolate is good for you, right?), today I baked pie, and Wednesday I’ll be baking a sinfully delicious mocha double dark chocolate bundt cake, that my friends and family refer to as, “Ooooh, that cake.”  It was requested by a friend for his birthday.  Not a good week for a new way of eating!  But at least I’ll be good during the day.  Better than I was, so it’s still better overall.  Right?  Right.  (I’ll just keep telling myself that.)