You wouldn’t know it by how infrequently I post; but I know I have a blog because I drop in from time to time and think, “Man, am I a slacker!”


The really bad part is that if I don’t log in to write, I don’t catch up on everybody else’s blogs, either, because you’re all on my invisible blogroll.  😳   I gotta get better at this. 

Tomorrow, DD12 goes for her 12 year check up.  I will be asked if she’s getting the new Gardasil vaccine.  NOPE.  I don’t expect any hassle from our pediatrician.  thumbsup  I’m not anti-vaccine in general; I think this one is unnecessary and sends the wrong message to our daughters. 

Next week, we will have the plumbing in our 2 story house replaced, including the pipes under the basement floor.  ::groan::  I wanted an older house. rolleyes  The plan is for Monday and Tuesday, and if things go wrong, Wednesday.  (Please pray they go right.)  We’ll be away-from-homeschooling those days.  wink

Close to midnite.  I swear I have an inner morning person just dying to get out and face the day; my outer night owl just won’t let her get to sleep at a decent hour.  yawn2.gif

Every time I browse my pics to post an emoticon I see the pics of my chocolate cake.  That’s just not right.  I’m drooling now.

Sweet dreams!