How do I intro a hairtoy/hairtool collection when the context has not yet been set?  When I write in my hair journal (even less frequently than I do here…but I’ve had it longer, so there are more entries) it makes sense because it’s on a hair board. 

A hair journal?!  Who keeps a hair journal?  People like me who experiment on their hair, of course! wink I’ve been on internet hairboards since June 2001.  I never would have been able to grow my hair as long as it is without the help of some wonderful longhairs out there.  My favorite place is The Long Hair Community.  thumbsup  I am currently undecided if I’m going to move that journal over here, just pick up where I left off, or keep hair with hair and life/school with life/school.  It can be a frightening thing when worlds collide! 😆   Thinking…

Anyway, I was cleaning my combs and brushes the other day and decided to inventory my hairtoy collection.  I use the word collection loosely, as there are people out there whose collections put mine to shame.  But it’s changed a bit since the last time I took pics, and it’s always fun to show off a little insanity.  (Hey, people post pics of their cats, dollhouses, baskets, cars, books…why not hairtoys?)

Today is Combs and Brushes Day.  Hairtoys will follow in other posts. 😉

The Combs:

Handmade combs (Click to enlarge.)

Each of these is handmade and seamless, and very hair-safe.  I broke the comb on top  last week and I don’t have the heart to pitch it just yet.  I may try to fix it.  The combs are, from the left: 2 Ace Handmade combs, Mason-Pearson rake (broken), Madora purse rake, Kent 54 purse comb, Kent 67 (with the tail), Kent 76, and Creative 661.

More combs (Click to enlarge)

Mebco Ionic Rake, 3 cherry wood combs, 2 sheep’s horn combs.  The Mebco is the only one that is neither handmade nor seamless, but it is a terrific detangler that glides effortlessly through the hair.

Over the years I’ve had a few other combs in horn and wood that have broken.  The combs above are my current collection.

The Brushes:

The Brushes (Click to enlarge.)

Denman D5, Denman D14 (purse), Jean-Pierre Prestige Boar Bristle Brush (BBB), Mason-Pearson Large Extra BBB, Mason-Pearson purse BBB.

A few words about brushes…you get what you pay for.  I thought people were on drugs to pay big $$ for a hairbrush…until I got one.  ::dreamy sigh::  Curly heads, be happy you should never brush! wink