OK, back to hair. 😉

Next, I have hairslides. 

Hairslides (Click to enlarge.)

Clockwise from the top:

  • An old Sarah Coventry slide that was my mother’s at least 30 years ago.  The stick that came with it was brown plastic, and pretty beat up.  It wasn’t until I was gathering my toys for these posts that I realized how well that bone stick goes with it. 
  • Two silvertoned Flexi-8s.
  • A rectangular slide of forgotten origin.
  • A leather slide with dangles purchased at Claire’s or some similar store.
  • A handcarved wooden slide made by a woman in Germany and sent across the world to me. 🙂
  • In the center: a handmade slide of mixed metals from Bronzejewelers

My favorite slide in action:

Bronzejewelers slide 2

And now, the Ficcares.  There is nothing quite like a Ficcare.  There are fakes…which are often referred to in hairland as “Fakares” 😆 , but there is nothing quite like the real thing.  One large Ficcare Maximas is strong enough to hold up my friend’s floor length hair.  Seriously. 

Ficcares (Click to enlarge.)

Left to right:

  • 2 large Maximas
  • 1 medium Maximas
  • 2 large Classical (or Signature)
  • 2 large Innovation
  • 1 medium Innovation  

And a few “Fakares:”

Fakares (Click to enlarge.)

Left to right:

  • a small clip with rhinestones recently received as a gift from my Secret Sister at church. 😀
  • 2 tiny clips with rhinestones.
  • 1 medium clip in antique brass with rhinestones.

One of my typical Ficcare updos: