Last week, a homeschooling friend of mine invited us to volunteer this morning at the Westmoreland County Food Bank with her and her children.  It sounded like a good thing, and I was expecting to need to be away from the house all day anyway (for the plumbing job that still hasn’t started ::sigh:: ), so I said, “We’ll be there!” icon_biggrin.gif

My friend has 6 children;  5 were there today.  (The oldest has special needs and was at his school; the youngest, at 21 months hung out in the carrier on Mom’s back).  With my 3, that made 7 very industrious homeschoolers aged almost 4 to 12, plus two moms to oversee the chaos. razz

I wish I had brought my camera!  Our job was to pack boxes with frozen baked goods (loaves of bread, english muffins, bagels, donuts, etc.); 12 packages to a box.  The gentleman from the food bank brought out towers of bakery racks filled with the baked goods.  We had to unload them, pack the boxes, close the boxes and load up the pallets.  We also had to restack the bakery racks.  (There has to be another name for those things…they’re like large shallow milk crates that have to stack a particular way.) 

The kids had a blast. icon_biggrin.gif  In an hour and a half, we packed 132 boxes!  Even the youngest, not even 4 years old yet, was a big help.  We were prepared to stay for 2 hours, but the gentleman told us that we packed all the bread they had. icon_eek.gif  He said he’s had larger groups of older kids who didn’t pack as many boxes as our kids did.  Then he said (and I love this!), “So, you’re homeschoolers, huh?” thumbsup.gif

I’m so proud of our kids!  They worked hard; they knew they were helping other people; they had a great time doing it.  They want to go back, too. Yes

Before we left, the gentleman gave all the kids their choice of ice cream from the freezer in their staff kitchen.  Of course, they loved that.  wink

What a great morning!  icon_biggrin.gif