I need a diversion…so we’re back to hairtoys. wink

A Bunjii, simply put, is a hairsafe ponytailer, shaped like a lasso.  You open the lasso, slide the hair through the circle, tighten the lasso, wrap the tail around the ponytail, and secure the tail in the hub of the Bunjii. 

You look lost.  

No idea what I’m talking about?

Here ya go:

Bunjii ponytail

The design allows for the hair to be placed in the lasso only once, without twisting the loop and pulling the hair through an ever tightening loop, as with traditional ponytail elastics.  You control exactly how tightly the Bunjii fits.  Nifty, huh? icon_biggrin.gif 

Unfortunately, they aren’t made anymore.  😦

I actually worked for Bunjii for a while, and during that time acquired some lovely Bunjiis.  The original Bunjiis were made with ABS plastic hubs and tips. These first ones pictured, however, are made with solid sterling silver.

Silver Bunjiis (Click to enlarge.)

This is that bottom Bunjii in action:


These were made with a non-tarnishing goldtone alloy called Bunjiigold:

Bunjiigolds (Click to enlarge.)

My apologies (especially to Brad Bealmear, creator of the Bunjii) for the quality of that pic.  My camera is iffy these days (not to mention the lovely prop they’re tied to), and that was the best of several shots I took.rolleyes

This is a variety of special Bunjiis made with ABS hubs and special beads:

Special Bunjiis (Click to enlarge.)

See?  Lassos.wink  The “rope” is bungee cord.  Really.  I can see the lightbulbs go off above your heads now.  “Ahhhh!  Bunjiis!

This is a bunch of Bunjiis:

Bunch of Bunjiis (Click to enlarge.)

Those tiny Bunjiis are Braidenders.  Braids tend to taper, especially the longer ones.  Smaller braids require smaller Bunjiis.  There are a few Bunjiis missing from that photo that I think my daughter kidnapped, but you get the idea.