Hmmm…it’s been a::cough::while since I last posted. 😳

Jumping back in to say, “YAAAAAYYYY!!!!”  and breathe a sigh of relief.  My two older children, DD12 and DS10 had their homeschool evaluations today and did very well.  I’m proud of them.thumbsup.gif  Our evaluator requests more samples than the state requires,  and spends a good deal of time interviewing the kids, but he writes a detailed evaluation of each subject.  I like this approach vs. the very simple form letter that some evaluators write.  It’s just all very nerve wracking for me.

We still have 8-10 days to go to complete our year, then we’ll take a break for a couple of weeks and pick up part time for the rest of the summer. 

Hallelujah!happy dance