You know those focus groups that marketers use to determine how to market a new product or produce a new TV show?  I got to be in one today.  I got the first call a week or so ago.  They sent me a DVD that I had to watch on a particular day (yesterday) and fill out 3 surveys (2 were about products for a sweepstakes, 1 was about the show), then they called me today to interview me.  Commercials aired during the pilot, as well.

Apparently, the focus of my group was a particular commercial for a new Visine product that aired during the show.  We were on the phone for nearly an hour, and at least 35 minutes were devoted to that short little commercial.  Have you ever had someone ask you how you feel about eye drops?  In detail you never thought imaginable?  I was laughing at so many of these questions that I had the lady who called me laughing hard, too. 

They did ask about the pilot, too.  The Rocky LaPorte Show.  Turns out Rocky LaPorte is a well known comedian.  (I googled him after viewing the DVD.)  I live under a rock.rolleyes  When I googled the name I discovered that someone has actually put this show up on youtube.  It’s uploaded in 3 parts.  It was ok.  The humor was mostly clean (nice surprise!); hubby and I laughed.  But it’s another dumb dad, smart mouthed daughter, geeky son sitcom.  I’m tired of those and the image of men they portray.  So, I told them that.

Now my name is entered in a sweepstakes to be one of 50 people they will give $100 worth of products to next month.  I had no idea that was part of the deal until the DVD arrived in the mail.  Whatever.  It was an interesting experience.  I had fun talking to the lady who called me.  And hey, someone actually wanted my opinion.icon_lol.gif