We had a great week of VBS at our church last week.  Summer Seaquest.  We had 54 kids and oodles of fun.  I played the Admiral (dressed, in of all things, a donated Air Force Academy dress uniform 😆 ).  Basically, I welcomed the kids, led them in song,  got them all riled up before going to class; then did their quizzing at the end of the night, more singing, and got them all riled up again to go home.razz  Lots of fun! 

The program itself is very competitive with the kids assigned to teams, and earning points for serving at home, in the community, and at VBS, as well as learning the Gospel presentation and memorizing Scripture.  My daughter came in 2nd place over all in individual points.  She did great!thumbsup.gif

More stuff:

I ordered our new curriculum Saturday night.  Sticking with BJU for most of it, but switching DD12 to Apologia  for science, and Teaching Textbooks  Pre-Algebra for math.  (She had been using Saxon for the past two years.) 

I can’t believe she’s going to be in 7th grade this year!  And my youngest is starting 1st grade.  Where does the time go?

Not just a cliche – a good question.  I spent hours last night and earlier today organizing photos on my harddrive to copy them to CD.  I’m almost done with the family photos.  (I’m talking years of photos! 😳 )  Such precious memories.  The time really does fly!

And still more stuff…

Researching bunk beds and bedroom furniture for my boys online.  Seeing what’s out there.  Already gave my husband sticker shock today.  He has no concept of the cost of decent (not top of the line, just decent) furniture.  Looking for good deals.  I’ll be checking out a few places locally, too.  I hate this kind of stuff.  And everybody and their brother tells you a good place to shop.  All fine and good, except that they’re all 20 miles away from each other.  I just want bedroom furniture! [/minirant]

What else, what else, what else.  Not much else.  It’s a beautiful day in my neck of the woods.  😀