Ahhhh, the smell of new books.  Our first shipment of new curriculum arrived today from CBD.  Yahoo!  New books = fresh starts = new learning. 

Ok, first I have to get all the old stuff put away. 

One of things I’m excited to play with is the History Through the Ages CD of timeline figures.  I already own the pre-printed pages of Creation to Christ from using The Mystery of History Vol 1 last year, but we are not continuing with MOH this year.  DD will be studying world history from 1100 to the present, and DS will be using studying 20th century world history.  Rather than buy two more sets of pre-printables, I went for the CD of the whole shebang.  Lots more flexibility that way, too.  OH, I guess it would make sense to mention that we use these with the History Through the Ages Record of Time.  Those notebooks were the favorite part of our history class last year.  The kids loved using them.

I’m also looking forward to Apologia science for both DS10 and DD12, and Teaching Textbooks for math for DD.  In short, I’m excited about all the new stuff we’ll be trying this year. 

Are you looking forward to trying something new this coming school year?