I took the kids to the library today.  My DD12 sat down at the computer and searched for two books: one a work of fiction; the other, a biography of Hellen Keller.  Hmmmm.  Hellen Keller?  She started reading it this afternoon, and I finally asked her at bedtime why she chose a biography of Hellen Keller.  Her response? “I’ve read about Hellen Keller before, and there’s a story in my reader about her, but I’ve never read about what happened to her when she got older.  I want to know what happened to her.”

I was impressed, and I told her so.  For a young person to read something about someone, decide they want to know more, and take the initiative to get more information on their own is a wonderful thing.  thumbsup

Other highlights from this week: 

  • Reviewing Latin flashcards from last year with DD12, DS10, and DS6, who was along for the ride.  All he knows is that there is a word in Latin that includes the word “tuna” and he likes tuna, so he thinks that’s funny.  The word is fortuna, and it means fortune or chance.  Well, I was having the older two look at the English words on the back of the cards and have them tell me the correct Latin words.  We were all a little goofy that day.  When DS10 got stuck, DD grabbed my cell phone (it was within reach), flipped it open and pretended to use a lifeline and phone a friend for him.  DS6 just kept yelling out “Tuna!” until it eventually became annoying.  So DS10 decided he would give DS6 the answers in Latin for him to give to me.  Ever play the game of “telephone?”  It’s hard enough in English.  Try it in Latin with a kid who probably still needs more speech therapy.  icon_lol.gif
  • For some reason, during lunch the other day, DS6 started singing the theme song to Speed Racer, but substituting the word “yum!” for each word.  DS10 joined him about halfway through, and even DD12 lent her voice to the final chorus. “Yum, yum, yum, yum, Y-U-UM!!!!”  My kids are goofy.  I love them. wub2.gif 
  • And one other thing…that I can’t for the life of me remember.  rolleyes  If I think of it, I’ll come back.

In health news, the ear, nose, and throat doc I saw yesterday put me on yet another antibiotic and a steroid.  What he saw (or rather, couldn’t see) made him think that whatever’s making me sick is on its way out.  But since I still had symptoms and have been trying to ride this thing out to no avail he gave me more meds.  I go back to see him in two weeks.  The good news is, that for the first time since late July, I am finally feeling a noticeable improvement. thumbsup I hope it continues.

OK.  Time to update the assignment grid.  And go to bed! 

Goodnight everyone.  sleep1.gif