No, not the dessert – the science experiment!

DS10 recently did the Mid-lesson Activity for Exploring Creation with Astronomy, Lesson 2: Use a Magnifying Glass to Focus Heat. (EDIT: I have been informed in the comments by a science teacher friend that, “…heat cannot be focused by a magnifying glass. Heat is not a form of energy. Heat is the transfer of thermal energy. The magnifying glass was refracting light waves to a focal point, which caused the chocolate molecules to move faster (because the long wavelength, or infrared, portion of the sun’s radiation resonates well with molecules of chocolate, thus setting them into motion.)

This is a great example of an energy conversion (light energy to thermal energy).”

(Thank you, Sunsailing! 🙂 )

To illustrate the energy conversion, my son was to focus the sun’s light on three pieces of a chocolate bar.  Well, the only chocolate bar in the house was my 70% Cocoa Lindt Dark Chocolate, and I wasn’t sacrificing it in the name of science.  We used dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses instead.

::disclaimer::  I did not take photos during the original experiment.  Part of the experiment was fun enough that we recreated it today for your (and our) entertainment.

(All photos are clickable to enlarge.)

The Weapon:

The Weapon 

Our regular magnifying glass is in hiding, so we used one that is attached to a stand.  This thing unfolds, but we used it as you see it as it was easier to hold.

The Victims:

The Victims 

Yes, I must confess: dark chocolate was harmed in the making of these photos.  Forgive me, Chocolatechic.







Smokin’ Hot  (Oh, definitely click to see the wisps of smoke. 😉 )

That’s one smokin’ hot kiss!

And another beautiful volcano:

Volcano (Go ahead, you know you want to click. 😉 )

So there you have it.  Of course, after filling our nostrils with the scent of smoldering Kisses, we went inside to enjoy the real thing, uncooked.