Yesterday, I called Verizon’s Unlawful Call Center to report my incident with Caller ID Spoofing.  The woman I spoke with there knew exactly what I was talking about, but was amazed that this technology and service is now being sold on ebay and other websites.  She said it used to be used only by telemarketers in order to hide who they were.  The Call Center was not aware of this new availability.  She said she would share that information with her supervisor and was glad that I called them.

I did tell her that Customer Service had no idea what I was talking about, insisted that it cannot be done, and even suggested that the lady who called me was trying to scam me.  Perhaps it’s time for a memo?  She said, in their defense, that they’re so bogged down with service calls that it’s really better for them to refer situations like mine to the Unlawful Call Center, but that they should at least be made aware of the practice.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent someone from stealing your telephone ID and using it this way.  Fortunately, my number was apparently randomly chosen and they probably won’t use it for long.  If I get any more phone calls from people (I have not so far) I should tell them to immediately call the Unlawful Call Center so that they can try to trace the call. 

I called the lady who first called me to update her with Verizon’s response and thank her.  She didn’t have to call my number, and really had no idea what would happen when she did.