I joined the forums over at ProteinPower.com this week.  I had lost weight on this plan years ago, but I wasn’t diligent enough in keeping it off.  So, I’m giving it another go; this time with an online community.  Very simply put, PP is a low-carb diet, but with more carbs allowed than Atkins.  The developers, Drs. Michael R. and Mary Dan Eades, are the ones who came up with the “Effective Carbohydrate Content” (ECC) method of counting carbs that most low-carbers use today: total carbs – fiber = ECC. 

I am on day 7, feel great, and have lost 4 pounds.  I know it’s “water weight” but it still affects the way my clothes fit.  4 lbs is 4 lbs.  20 to go until my next goal.

A couple of things I loved about PP the first time I did it:

  • I was never hungry.
  • I stopped craving carbs.
  • I felt great.
  • My blood tests were perfect.  Even after months of eating bacon, eggs, cheese, meat, etc.  Our life insurance company even gave me a 10% discount off our policy because of it.  
  • I ate more veggies on PP than any other eating plan I’ve ever followed.  And wanted to eat them.  That’s good!
  • I lost weight, and kept it off, as long as I kept my carbs in check.

I just need to work on that last part. rolleyes  This isn’t just about weight loss, though.  I’m at high risk for type II diabetes.  I need to do something before it’s too late.  This is it. 

I’ll be keeping track of my progress over at PP, not here, but I’ll probably make mention of it here from time to time.  Anybody wanna join me? 😀