So, I have this blog that I neglect, you see.  And friends of mine still come by after all this time and post comments, which is really sweet.    I think part of my problem (aside from the fact that I’m a goof…but that’s another story), is that my blog is having a bit of an identity crisis. 

It started as a homeschool blog as part of a homeschool website, which is ::sniff:: no longer with us.  So I moved it here.  After a great deal of thought I decided to make it public because I really don’t put anything too personal in here.  Surprisingly, my biggest hits are on specific hairtoys and a recipe I listed.  I was even linked by a discussion board in Sweden (or was it Finland? ETA: it was Sweden.  I got another visitor.  Hi Sweden! 😀 ) for my directions for how to secure a bun with hairsticks. 

Anyway…I don’t put daily stories of my life here.  (We’re not that exciting.)  I don’t want to put pics of my kids online.  (Too many weirdos out there.)  I did decide to start a new hair blog over at The Long Hair Community because it makes more sense to keep the hair stuff together and in context.  (Even though my biggest hits are on hairtoys in this blog.  Go figure.)  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until I had sent a link to that blog to a friend of mine to read, that you need to be a member of LHC with at least 25 posts in order to see the blogs over there.  ::sigh::

I meet with homeschool friends daily in a gmail group; chatter politics with the folks at The Mighty Righty; hair talk with the long hairs at The Long Hair Community; get spiritual with my siblings in Christ at Spiritually Speaking

I guess what I’m saying is I don’t know what to write about here most of the time.  Hence, the identity crisis. 

That’s all.  I’m a goof with a blog that doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up.  (Neither does its owner.)