It was bound to happen sooner or later; I just expected it to be later.  So did my DD13. 



“What is that?” you ask? 

That would be from left to right: my DD13 and my DS11.  Yes, the younger has surpassed the older in height.  It was bound to happen.  DD13 was blessed with the diminuitive genes of my husband’s side of the family.  (At 5’10” he is taller than both of his parents.  His mother doesn’t break 5′.  We’re hoping our daughter will.)  Her growth has slowed considerably, whereas the boy looks taller to me everyday.  

It was bound to happen.  Men are, in general, taller than women.  Brothers usually are taller than their sisters.  Unfortunately for my daughter, her brother has outgrown her at the ripe old…annoying…age of 11.  He delights in his new height.  Daily.

So one of these days, he’s going to get .

It’s bound to happen.