Several years ago, I hit the internet in search of a new Bible case. The first thing I learned was that most Bible cases can damage your Bible if you use them according to their design. (Don’t tuck your cover into those pockets. It puts pressure on the hinges of your Bible’s binding.)

The next thing I learned was that there is a world of better Bibles beyond what you’ll find at your local Christian bookstore. I stumbled upon The Bible Design Blog and got lost for days.



One of those better Bibles is published by Schuyler.

Schuyler NKJV in black Cantara goatskin.

Schuyler NKJV in black Cantara goatskin.

Schuyler NKJV 120-001a

The Schuyler NKJV is actually a reprinting of Nelson’s Single Column edition in paragraph format. Only better. The Schuyler presentation, printed and bound in the Netherlands by Jongbloed, includes:

  • Edge-lined Cantara goatskin cover with perimeter stitching
  • Smyth-sewn binding
  • Red under gold art-gilt page edges
  • 3 ribbon markers
  • 32 gsm paper
  • Words of Christ in black
  • Several Bible reading plans
  • Concordance
  • Maps

Before we get into more photos, the copy of the Bible I received for review lacks the art gilt page edges, so they are white. Any Schuyler Bible you purchase will have the art gilt.

Unlike Bibles you’ll find at a typical bookstore, the Schuyler cover reveals the natural grain of the leather; it is not pressed. This means each cover is unique, and it also improves its flexibility. The polyurethane lining, though not leather, still allows for a very flexible cover.

Schuyler NKJV 181-003a

Can your Bible do yoga? 😉

Schuyler NKJV 128-001a

There are 8 pages at the beginning for presentation and family records, and 8 full color maps at the back. Schuyler also includes 16 blank pages between the concordance and maps.

The page layout is my favorite feature of this Bible: large print (10.5 pt. bold) with generous line-spacing, single column paragraph. You open it up, and it says, “Read me.” It looks like a book you’d want to curl up with, not reference material. Very inviting. To give the text even more room to breathe, Schuyler widened Nelson’s inner margin. The text doesn’t get anywhere near the gutter when you’re reading this Bible.

Single column paragraph format.

Single column paragraph format.

You may have noticed the lack of cross references. This is not a reference Bible, but it does place the translation notes that the NKJV is known for at the bottom of the page.

Jongbloed used the smooth, creamy paper they are known for with a weight of 32 gsm. This is heavier paper than you’ll find in most Bibles, but it is still thin. Thin paper is a necessity when you’re printing a 1,808 page book you expect people to carry around with them, but it does have its drawbacks. Remember, this was originally a Nelson textblock. Unfortunately, Nelson did not use a new printing technique known as line matching. Line matching means that the lines of text on each side of the page are in the same space. They match. This minimizes any “ghosting” on the page, where text from the back side of the page will show through to the front. Sometimes, ghosting will show through for 2 or 3 pages.

Interestingly enough, there are many pages in this Bible that do have line matching. It seems, however, that the matching gets thrown off by any chapter headings. Here is an example of how this looks in the Schuyler:

No line matching vs. line matching.

Up close.

Up close.

Note that the page on the right has line matching, but the page on the left does not. The page without line matching looks like it has shadows or gray boxes around the text. The page on the right is clearer and easier to read. (Pardon my iffy photography skills.) This level of ghosting is unfortunate in what is otherwise an excellent reader.

There is a simple remedy for ghosting if you have a Bible without line matching, and that is to slip a piece of black paper behind the page you are reading. The shadows will disappear.

Without black paper:

Schuyler NKJV2 008-001a

With black paper:

Schuyler NKJV2 010-001a

If you’re in the market for a NKJV, and ghosting doesn’t bother you, the Schuyler is a lovely Bible. If ghosting is an issue for you, you could try the black paper trick. The Schuyler NKJV is available for purchase, in black and brown goatskin, through  for $185.

Have you read your Bible today? 🙂

Schuyler NKJV 149-002a