Alrighty then…I’ve neglected this blog (and pretty much all of them 😳 ) for far too long.  And you guys still visit!  You like me.  You really, really like me!  😉 Since this started as a homeschool blog, and we are officially in full swing of the new school year, it’s about time I get back to it.

We started last Wednesday, but including two summer days of school, that leaves us 175 days to complete to make the state happy.  Woohoo.

Changes this year: DD12 and DS10 are both using Apologia; General Science and Astronomy, respectively.  We went back to BJU for history this year, after a less than stellar year with The Mystery of History last year.   I know it works for many people, just not for us.  One of the many beauties of homeschooling: you can switch when something doesn’t work for you and your kids.thumbsup.gif  DD12 has started Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra, and is already happy with the reduction in busy work that Saxon gave us.  DS10 is still using Saxon (and will until 7th grade unless he hits The Wall), but I’ll be reducing his busy work myself once he shows me he doesn’t need it.  DS6 is thrilled that he has started first grade and can’t wait to tell his Sunday School teacher tomorrow.  He’s so cute!  I will be spending part of today revamping his curriculum, though.  I can tell already that he’s bored with the review of letter sounds.  Time to skip ahead.

I purchased the CDs for notebooking our Apologia courses from LiveandLearnPress.  We’ve never done notebooking/lapbooking before, and my daughter is already frustrated with it, after putting together one mini-book.  I’m going to make her finish at least one module with them to see if she can get into it, but I have a feeling we’re going to go back to just writing the answers in a regular notebook.  DS10 didn’t complain about his yesterday, so maybe that’s a good sign.  I do know, that when the time comes, DS6 will love doing this.  He loves cutting things out and gluing things together.  In fact, I may do a couple of lapbooks with him this year.  He’s definitely the kinesthetic learner in the family.  DS10 is very visual.  DD12 is….difficult to pin down. 

Something else new…I’m using Homeschool Tracker Plus this year for planning.  Last year was actually the first time I ever planned things out on paper, thanks to the forms from Donna Young.wub2.gif  It worked very well for me for the first quarter. (As far as I had gotten.)   Then I had some issues with a relative that sent me into a tailspin for a couple of months, and I never got back to planning the rest of the year.  I did weekly assignment sheets on occasion, but it was pretty much “do the next lesson” until the end of the year.  I type much faster than I write, and being able to change things easily and have the database print out reports made HST+ very attractive to me.  What a learning curve, though! icon_eek.gif  I’m glad I stuck with it.  I hope I stick with it for the rest of the year.  (Bad habit of mine…starting off with a bang, only to fizzle out.)  I am having a bit of trouble getting past the paper “safety net” of having something to hold on to, though. 

That’s about it with school for the moment.  On a personal note, I’ve had a sinus infection since the third week of July.  (Ploy for sympathy. 😉 )  I have an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat specialist on Wednesday.  

Time to start thinking about reorganizing the blog…better categories, updating curriculum list, etc… And catching up with all of you. 🙂


Welcome to the New (but not improved) Tresses’ Other Corner.  😀  There are still books to be unpacked, and I may still repaint the walls (again!), but for now I think I’m able to open the place and offer you a mug of hot coffee and some dark chocolate. 

Are you new to my corner?  Imagine that, so am I!  You may notice that all of the posts dated before today were originally posted at the DY Homeschool Forum, which is, sadly, coming to a close very soon.   My many many thanks to Donna Young for providing such a safe and friendly environment for homeschool moms.  The moms there are wonderful too. 😀 So we’re scrambling to find new homes, and many have found them here.  I’ll do what I can to keep up and not bore you or me to tears.   There is a link to one of our new group homes in my Blogroll.  Group homes!  Makes us sound like a bunch of renegade moms.

Oh wait.  We homeschool.  We are a bunch of renegade moms!

Off to tinker around a bit more.  Perhaps by Christmas I’ll have WordPress figured out. 😛