There is a trick to securing a bun (or any updo) with hairsticks.

To make a simple (or “cinnamon”) bun, pull your hair back into a ponytail.  You may secure the ponytail with an elastic if you wish, but this is not necessary.  If you are right handed, hold the base of the ponytail with your left hand while twisting the length of your ponytail clockwiseuntil the base of the ponytail begins to coil upon itself.  Allow it to coil and continue twisting the length of hair while continuing to coil the hair around the center of the bun clockwise.  It helps if you try to hold the center of the bun down to keep the coils from stacking under the bun.  Tuck the last few inches of ponytail under the bun. 

Your bun may look more or less like this (pardon my freehand 😉 ):

Cinnamon Bun

Now, take a hairstick and place the point of it in one of the top red spots shown below, but aiming in the direction of the green arrow:

Hairsticks in Cinnamon Bun

Let’s say you’re starting with the upper right corner of your bun.  You’ll be aiming in the direction opposite the direction you intend to wear the hairstick.  Grab some scalp hair with the point of the hairstick, and now flip the hairstick tip back under the bun aiming for the lower left corner.  While under the bun, the stick needs to go through each coil of hair; it is best to “weave” the stick through the hair, up and down a bit under the bun, grabbing scalp hair as you go.  (Those blue dashed lines are under the bun.)  Exit the bun in the lower left corner through the outer edge fo the outer coil of hair.  Repeat on the other side.  Remember to grab scalp hair with the tip of the hairstick as you flip directions, as well as under the bun itself.

You can also wear the sticks parallel to each other like this:

Parallel sticks

You may add hairpins, if needed around the bun. 

Here is an example of a classic cinnamon bun held with hairsticks:

Cinnamon Bun


Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get into hairtoys the way that I have.  There are some delightfully creative people out there who make beautiful things to hold up one’s hair. 

Today is Hairsticks day.  I’m actually waiting for some new hairtoys in the mail, so there will be at least one more post on hairtoys.  Maybe two. 😉

The plastic sticks:

Plastic sticks (Click to enlarge.)

The ones with feathers have beads in the center:

Feather close-up (Click to enlarge.)

The handmade wooden sticks:

 Wooden Sticks (Click to enlarge.)

The first 4 are from Mamacat, the next is a Papadonh, the Shileleigh is from Ron Quattro, the curved sticks are made by Blondiesturn, and the last three are from Ketylo.  The Mamacats and Papadonh are made from Dymondwood and are safe for use in damp hair. 

Some beaded sticks:

Beaded sticks (Click to enlarge.)

The first single and two sets are from Ron Quattro; the stainless steel spikes are from Argus Designs; the bone and single long stick with green leaf are from a designer I do not remember 😳 ; the short sticks with red beads were a gift; the short twisted bone is another I don’t remember (its mate broke); the long single black stick and final three pairs are from Cute-Cam Hairsticks.  The pair across the top are actually 7-1/2″ African porcupine quills, also from Argus.  They really do work! 😀

These are called HairSprays.  The tops are beaded wire that, after you insert the sticks, you arrange around your updo as desired.  The pic doesn’t do them justice, truly.

HairSprays (Click to enlarge.)

These next ones are Mei Fas from Bazner Studio.  These are mighty little sticks that hold up a lot of hair!  I was fortunate to get these at wholesale. 

Mei Fas (Click to enlarge.)

That pic doesn’t do them justice at all.  Three of those sets I bought last summer.  Here is a close-up that was taken outside in natural light:

Mei Fas close-up (Click to enlarge.)


Goodness!  I still have Bunjii, hairslides, and assorted “other” hairtoys to go.  This may take a few more days to get through. 😉