Well, I’ve tried for several days to get a good pic of the new roof, but it’s either been too sunny or raining.rolleyes It wasn’t until this morning that I could get the timing with just a little cloud cover.  Soooo…

This is a before pic (taken much later in the day, so the lighting is very different):

Before new roof (Click to enlarge each pic.)


New Roof 

(Time to trim those bushes, dontcha think?razz )

Closeup before:

close up before

Closeup after:

closeup after

We are very pleased with how it turned out. thumbsup.gif

Next project: the boys’ bedroom.  EEK! icon_eek.gif


No, I do not own a dog.  I’m getting a new roof. 😀  At least on the main part of the house; the porch roofs are relatively new.  We’re also siding our dormers.

This little project started on Monday, and should be finished tomorrow.  ‘Bout time I blogged about it, eh?

Let the games begin!  Bright and early Monday morning:

Beginning (Click to enlarge all pics.)

Yes, that truck just backed right up to my diningroom window. 😯


(Pardon my clutter. 😳 )

New shingles on the left; old on the right:


By the end of the day Tuesday we had siding on the first dormer:


We decided to side the dormers because the shingles on the dormers were actually roofing shingles, not cedar shingles like the rest of the house.  Whoever did it did a remarkable job of matching the color and texture, but it’s always bugged DH.  (I rarely gave it a second thought.)

Today, they started the street side of the house:


You can see under the eaves the painting that needs to be done.  We were going to get soffit and facia, but the roofer actually talked us out of it.  He pointed out that we have some nice trim around the house that would be a shame to lose if it were all covered up.  We’ll probably hold off until next year to do the painting, though.  (And get new awnings.)  We did major plumbing and a new roof this year so far, and there are several inside projects that have to be completed this summer. 

Anyway…you can see some of the trim under the eaves he was talking about in this pic of the front of the house:


I’ll post new roof pics after tomorrow. 🙂

The plumbing job is finally finished!  They were here for a short time this morning to clean up the edges of the concrete and get paid. 

My house has new arteries! thumbsup.gif

Now for the roof…