Preparing for math with my youngest this morning and his lesson about two-part word problems, I asked my son, “If I baked 4 cakes, and then baked 6 more cakes, but then gave 3 away, how many would I have?”

::blank stare::

Prodding, I asked, “What would you do first?”


“Have a slice?”


I can breathe.

As in relax.


For a moment.

You see, this week, we officially closed out the school year with evaluations, and turned in our portfolios to the school district. PhotobucketAlso this week, both boys ended their baseball season. Having 2 boys in two different leagues is a little…hectic.

So now I can breathe.

And while I’ve been breathing, I’ve been shopping for curriculum. I’ve always purchased my curriculum new; buying extra workbooks for the younger ones so that I don’t have to worry about future new editions that wouldn’t match my teacher’s editions. Anyway…this year, I’m shopping ebay and the HSLDA Curriculum Market for as much as I can. So far, so good. I’ve already saved $200! Photobucket I can’t believe I never thought of this before! I should’ve started sooner, but it took all I had to finish this year. Next year, I’ll try to start sooner. Photobucket

I’ll give it another few weeks, and then start ordering anything else I need. The trickiest thing is finding the latest editions of books that were just updated last year. I know that’s not critical, but since my youngest will already be getting 6 year old books when it’s his turn to use them, I want to start with the latest editions. It also makes finding any “extras” like tests and extra workbooks easier to find in a catalog now.

The first books arrived today. Guess I should start putting away this year’s books. Photobucket

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