OK, I finally wrote something on my About page.  You can all sleep peacefully tonight knowing that.razz   WordPress wouldn’t allow me to change the date/time stamp on that page, so it still reads February 9th.rolleyes   Linky up in right hand corner. 

Little Smiley Guy: little smiley guy   See?  Isn’t he cute?


Do you see it?  There’s a tiny little smiley on the far left side of this page, in the margin before the words, “Whatever my lot…” in the lyrics to It Is Well With My Soul.  It appears on every page, I think.  I see it on the page I’m on as I write this.  And I’ve seen it elsewhere around my blog.

It’s kind of cute actually.  It makes me chuckle sometimes (yes, easily amused), but I wonder why it’s there? 

Do you have a little smiley guy?  I may just have to go visit some blogs (and some random ones, too) to check it out.  Maybe it’s just this theme?  Put there by its designer? Hmmmm…..