Last week, newshutr over at The Mighty Righty started a thread about favorite music videos, past or present.  Thinking back to the early days of MTV (when they actually played music) when I was in high school, one video came to mind.

Remember this?


Oh. My. 

I had forgotten how much I liked Adam Ant.  Kind of a strange thing, for me, as at the time I was obsessed with the Beatles and everything 60s.  But here was Adam Ant: new, fun, gorgeous; and those clever videos.  Great stuff!  And the dancing.  I love to dance.  I loved to watch him dance.  Adam Ant taught me how to dance with abandon. 

Sooooooo…..I’ve spent wayyyyyyy too much time on Youtube catching up with Adam Ant: music videos, concert videos (I had no idea how good Adam and the Ants were live – incredible!), interviews, a BBC documentary; as well as at a few other sites just getting up to speed on what’s happened in this man’s life and music.  Eye opening, heartbreaking (dealing with bipolar disorder), and now hopeful.

I played a couple of those old videos for my kids.  (Caution: they’re not all kid friendly.)   Comments from the peanut gallery:

  • “What’s that in his hair?”
  • “He looks like a woman.”
  • “Is he wearing a…Captain’s jacket?  What is he wearing?!?” 

::sigh::  Some things you just can’t explain to children.  Like post punk glam in the early 80s. 

 That dandy highwayman no doubt influenced Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. 

So, there’s a CD making its happy way to my house (oh please hurry!); I’ve got more on my wish list; and I’m eyeing some concert videos.  My husband says he’ll be glad when I’m over this fascination.  I’m wondering what he’d look like with a white stripe across his nose. 

Da Diddley Qua Qua!


I haven’t paid enough attention to my blog for so long that I just noticed that my music is gone.  Sonific is history.   😦 

Rest In Peace.

April 8, 1947 – February 24, 2008