We are a family of NASCAR fans.  When Dale Jr. announced he was leaving DEI we speculated about where he would go.  We even joked about him joining Team Hendrick, and how Dale Sr. fans would react to Jr teaming with Jeff Gordon.  Imagine it: heads of Earnhardt fans popping all over the stands, POOF! POOF! POOF!rollin’

Two days ago, the unthinkable happened: Dale Jr. announced he’ll be racing for Team Hendrick next season!icon_eek.gif  I have one friend who says he will no longer watch NASCAR.rolleyes  He has his reasons…but still…rolleyes  This could be the best thing to happen to Jr.  I may even push for cable so we can watch more races next season.wink  POOF! POOF! POOF! 😆

Here’s a creative take on the story. 😆


DS6 loves NASCAR.  Eats, sleeps, and breathes racing.  Colors cars all the time; races his little cars around the diningroom table half the day.  He even used to line up his cars on his NASCAR quilt (it has a track) and make me sing The Star Spangled Banner as part of his nightly bedtime routine.  (He called it “the NASCAR song.”)  Get the idea?  He loves NASCAR.  He’s been like this for at least 3 years.  He knew his numbers (and big ones) early because he learned them from the cars.  DH and I have joked for years that they should have NASCAR math.

DS is into the number 48 lately…most likely because he likes Jimmie Johnson.  Jimmie wins most of DS’ races. 😉 So, today, little boy is playing with the calculator and discovers that 24+24=48.  He gets all excited and comes to tell me.  OK.  Then he proclaims, “Two Jeff Gordons equals Jimmie Johnson!”

See?  NASCAR math.  If they come up with it, I want paid big time. 😉