It was bound to happen sooner or later; I just expected it to be later.  So did my DD13. 



“What is that?” you ask? 

That would be from left to right: my DD13 and my DS11.  Yes, the younger has surpassed the older in height.  It was bound to happen.  DD13 was blessed with the diminuitive genes of my husband’s side of the family.  (At 5’10” he is taller than both of his parents.  His mother doesn’t break 5′.  We’re hoping our daughter will.)  Her growth has slowed considerably, whereas the boy looks taller to me everyday.  

It was bound to happen.  Men are, in general, taller than women.  Brothers usually are taller than their sisters.  Unfortunately for my daughter, her brother has outgrown her at the ripe old…annoying…age of 11.  He delights in his new height.  Daily.

So one of these days, he’s going to get .

It’s bound to happen.


OK.  I’m not tall.  I’m not exactly short, either.  At 5’4″ (standing up straight and maybe inhaling), I am right on the cusp of what the fashion world calls “petite.”  What this means when shopping for clothes is that I’m really too tall for most petites and too short for most misses sizes. It really depends on the article of clothing.  Oh yeah.  I love to shop.rolleyes 

SO…tonight I’m at Kohl’s searching for shorts or capris.  The capris are the issue.  First, let me say: God BLESS the inventor of stretch denim!  Whoever came up with the idea to weave 1% spandex with 99% cotton has the undying love of women everywhere.wub2.gif 

Alright, back to the capris.  Capris come in a variety of lengths anywhere from “too long to be shorts” to “too short to be floods.”  So, while trying on 2 dozen pairs of shorts and capris (no kidding), I found a particular style of capris in stretch denim, available in 3 different “washes” that were very comfortable.  Woohoo!  EXCEPT…I’m 5’4″ and petites are often too short on me, and misses are often too long.  These were misses.  Wouldn’t it figure.  I left my little stall and stood out at the 3 way mirror with my hand on my hip and what must have been a look of disgust on my face.  Another woman came out of her stall and chuckled because she’d just been doing the same thing.

“May I borrow your eyes?” I asked this perfect stranger who, at that moment, understood me better than anyone else, as a sister victim to the clothing racks.  “I am too tall for petites and too short for misses.”

“I understand completely!  I’m the same way!”  We bonded instantly.

I turned to face my new friend, “Do these look like capris or floods?”

“Floods.  I’m sorry.  I know, I go through the same thing, it’s so frustrating.”

“It figures.  They feel great everywhere else.”

The conversation continued briefly about possibly cuffing them.  Not an option with the side slit.  ::sigh::  I thanked her for her honesty and went back to my little stall to do battle with the rest of my cart.

All in all, even after that, I had a successful trip.  My goal was to spend the $40 in Kohl’s cash I had earned last week when shopping for the kids.  I had spent $239 on several articles each of summer play and church clothes, as well as pajamas, for each of my three kids, plus sandals for each of them and myself.  Not bad.  And I earned $40.  I love Kohl’s! 

I ended up with 2 pairs of denim shorts, 1 pair of dress capris, and 1 pair of casual – could dress up or down – capris, all for $32 after my Kohl’s cash.  Go me!happy dance