The plumbing job is finally finished!  They were here for a short time this morning to clean up the edges of the concrete and get paid. 

My house has new arteries! thumbsup.gif

Now for the roof…


Yep.  Day 6 in plumberville.  Today they will patch the ceiling and lay the cement in the basement.  And be done.  I hope.  They hope, too, I’m sure. 

Fortunately, they are two nice men, who work hard, and do a job right.  They’ve shown me and my hubby everything they’ve done and had no problems with me taking pictures.  They’ve cleaned up after themselves every step of the way.  It’s just been one of those projects. 

We’ve lived in this house for 13 years and there’s always been something funky with the plumbing.  This ought to solve it once and for all. 

I hope.

We live in an older house.  Maybe 70-75 years old.  A family built it themselves (we have their original blueprints), and a couple of DIYers have apparently lived here as well.  It’s obvious.  We’ve had to redo a few home repair projects inflicted on this house by its previous owners.   Usually, we stand looking at the project and wonder, “What were they thinking?”  You know it’s bad when the professionals you hire say the same thing.  Out loud.  Repeatedly.

Our plumbing is one of those projects.   Last Thursday we started what should have been a two day project of replacing the stack from the toilet to the basement (we’d already replaced it from the toilet through the roof this winter) and the main line under the basement floor.  Our plumber had a couple “what were they thinking” moments, and that along with the usual delays every project runs into (e.g., running out for a part), leaves us ending today with the hopes that we can be finished by the end of tomorrow: Day 5. 

Five days.  Three of them I spent out of the house with the kids because we had no water or toilet while the plumbers were working.  We took a couple of field trips which I will blog in a separate entry, but I was so happy to stay home today.   DS10 wasn’t.  He enjoyed traipsing all over creation. 

Today, Mr. Plumber had a full day delay to repair something he discovered yesterday when he was going to hook up the bathroom pipes to the new stack.  The pipe that runs from the sink drain under the tub to the stack came off in his hand.icon_eek.gif   He tried to glue it back together, but it was just out of his reach.  He had to cut a hole in our school room ceiling to access the pipes.  There he found a squiggle of a pipe maze screwed together (a no-no) that he also had to replace.  The previous owners of our house used the type of plumbing that you would use under a sink that you have access to and can tighten the joints when necessary.  They also did not prime the pipes before they glued them, which is why that one pipe came out in his hand.  He was amazed that we hadn’t had a major leak in the past.  I told him there were angels holding our pipes together.wink

So tomorrow they’ll come back to put some finishing touches on the mainline, fill in the trench and lay the cement in the basement, check one more thing in the bathroom, and patch the ceiling in the school room. 

Are we having fun yet?