Preparing for math with my youngest this morning and his lesson about two-part word problems, I asked my son, “If I baked 4 cakes, and then baked 6 more cakes, but then gave 3 away, how many would I have?”

::blank stare::

Prodding, I asked, “What would you do first?”


“Have a slice?”


Yesterday, I was reviewing vowels and consonants with DS6.  Last week I gave him a little chant that we clapped to.  Nothing elaborate, just: A, E, I, O, U  are the vowels!  We aren’t dealing with Y yet.  His assignment yesterday was to color the vowels of the given words yellow, and the consonants orange. 

Apparently, this was too much for his little brain, because he curled up in my lap, burried his head in my chest and declared (read: whined), “This is too hard.” 

So we did the chant again.  Just once, but that seemed to help.  A little.   He finished his assignments for the day and went back to building tanks out of Magnetix.  The Americans have amassed a great many more tanks than the Chinese.  Just so you know; we’re safe. 

As I was cleaning up after dinner I heard him playing in the livingroom: marching back and forth chanting, “A, E, I, O, U are the poops!  A, E, I, O, U are the poops!”  (The potty talk is a little thing he picked up from a classmate in Sunday School. )

Well, at least I know he gets it.  

Today, my ten year old son brought me: 


They don’t look like weeds when they’re picked with love, do they? 😀